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Appearing January 2011, The Dolphin and Whale Magazine will feature popular science articles, personal stories, interviews, news, video clips, photos, art, poetry and myths that speak to the human connection with cetaceans across time, space and cultures. We’ll share the details
of human relationships and interactions with dolphins and whales including accounts of people saving whales and whales saving people. 
The magazine will report significant discoveries about cetacean behavior, intelligence, social life, ecology, interspecies communication and conservation. We’ll present perspectives on hot issues ranging from illicit whaling and captivity to Naval sonar and deterioration of marine environments. There will be reviews of books, films and videos, and whale tales for kids, too.

The Dolphin and Whale Magazine      Volume I, No. I Appearing Jan. 2011

Contents of the Inaugural Issue

Editorial: The Global Crisis and the Myth of the Whale

              Of Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., described as the new Darwin-Einstein, who discusses his experimental research
              on human telepathy with animals and what it could mean for dolphins and whales

            “The Power of One,” by Ann  DiBerardinis describes  her life-changing encounter with a humpback whale.

            ”Springer Returns Home,” by Joseph Bettis, Ph.D.,  an illustrated story about Springer the young, lost orca’s
             return to her pod in British Columbia by a man who helped.  Photos by Sandra Stone.

“Last Song of the Whale,” an excerpt from the new novel by Don “Four Arrows” Jacobs, Ph.D., Ed.D.

“The Logosi Story” by Randall Eaton, Ph.D. describes the ceaseless efforts of
a beluga to communicate with
 humans including imitation of language

“Caring, Sharing False Killer Whales” by Tori Cullins. Insights into the social life of Hawaii’s false killer whales
and the threat of long-line fishing

“The Dolphins of Gandoca, Costa Rica,” by Ann DiBerardinis who launched the Talamanca Dolphin Foundation
 and its research on fresh water dolphins and their fascinating interactions with marine dolphins

            “Day 30” by Jodi Smith. The mysterious story of a pod of orcas that would not leave Dyes Inlet for thirty days.

            Cetacean Classroom by Randall L. Eaton, Ph.D.   A telepathy experiment with an orca  

            Porpoise Communication  by Carol Drummond

Dolphins and Whales in Antiquity and Among Indigenous Cultures

           The Orca in the Art and Myth of the Tlingit Indians by Linda Schildkraut
The Mystery of the Dogon  and Nommo  by Randall L. Eaton, Ph.D.
           Orca Rescues Boy at Sea  by Randall L. Eaton, Ph.D.

Dolphins and Whales in the News

Night of the Orcas by Star Dewar
           The 59th Whale by Randall L. Eaton

Book and Film Reviews: 
             Of Kathleen Dudzinski and Toni Frohoff’s Dolphin Mysteries     
             Of Scott Taylor's  Souls in the Sea
             Of “The Cove”             
             Of "AVATAR"  Reveals What We Are Missing

 Kids’ Whale Tales   
              “Joy of the Jump” story and photos by Star Dewar
               Review of
A Whale of a Tale! by Rhonda LaFountaine
Children Need to Live Their Ideas  by Rhonda LaFountaine

 Click Here to View Volume I, No. I
The Dolphin and Whale Magazine      Volume I, No. 2
                           Next Issue Features:  Whaling;  Whale - Watching;  and, Cetaceans in Captivity

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