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Randal Eaton PhD.
Director and Editor
Sandra Stone: Managing Editor , Web Developer
Contributing Photographer
Star Dewar
Rhonda LaFountaine
Children's Editor
Dr. Randall L. Eaton holds an international reputation in animal behavior and wildlife conservation. He also has made contributions to history of science, philosophy, environmental ethics, mythology, men’s studies and prehistoric art.  He has held faculty positions in zoology, psychology, wildlife and humanities at several universities including U. Washington and U. Georgia, and held adjunct appointments at Evergreen State, UCLA, Oregon State and U. Alberta.  He has published 115 articles in refereed journals including Science, Evolution and J. Wildlife Management, and his popular communications have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Magical Blend and Utne Reader. He has authored or edited 15 books, two of which received national awards. Of his 13 awards for TV productions,  “Orca:The Sacred Whale,” won first place among natural history broadcasts in 2000.   See a clip from the film - Click Here
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Advisory Board
Richard Johnstone, M.S
Wildlife Biologist

Richard Johnstone, M.S
Wildlife Biologist

Jeff Foster
acean Expert

Vince Lour Blanc
Acoustics Expert

Scott Taylor, BSocSc.  Queensland, Australia

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