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Interspecies Communication

Indigenous and Ancient Knowledge of Dolphins and Whales

Orca Project 2011 in British Columbia - Volunteers needed
Magazine contents: Volume I: Number 2  March 2011

Magazine Contents: Volume I: Number 1  January 2011

Table of Contents:            

Editorial: The Global Crisis and the Myth of the Whale    Randall L. Eaton, Ph.D.

           Dolphins Saved Me   by Phil Mercer BBC correspondent in Sydney
           Entangled Humpback Seeks Aid from Humans    by Anni, Wade Doak's blog
              Sperm Whale Supports Japanese Dolphin Watching Venture      by Sue Arnold
              Man Saves Dolphins From Plastic Bags
Orca Rescued from Stranding Resighted  by Wade Doak
              Daring Rescue of Whale off Farallones   b
y Peter Fimrite, Chronicle Staff Writer
The Whale Movie Coming Soon
           Orca Rescues Boy at Sea
           Antarctic Humpbacks Befriend Humans
              Did the Wild Orca Read Their Minds?
           More than 200 Dolphins Saved from Mass Stranding in Manila

            Souls in the Sea:  by Scott Taylor, 2003, Frog Ltd., Berkeley
Dolphin Mysteries:   by Kathleen Dudzinki and Toni Frohoff, 2008, Yale Univ. Press
            The Cove  

Interviews:  Animal Telepathy    Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D.

Ancient Knowledge:
                 The Orca in the Art and Myth of the Tlingit Indians
                 Orca Rescues Boy at Sea

                 The Mystery of the Dogon and Nommo

             Night of the Orcas   by Shari "Star" Dewar
             The 59th Whale   by Randall L. Eaton, Ph.D.

Children's Section:
              Joy of the Jump    by Shari "Star" Dewar
              Whale Tale Review    by Rhonda LaFountaine
              Children Need to Live Their Ideas   by Rhonda LaFountaine


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